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The Adventures of Shark McGill

Shark McGill is an original character I return to again and again to have fun with varying styles and creative concepts. Shark and his partner, Lt. Sandra Riki, are galactic detectives who often find themselves on ever-changing sides of competing corporate, government, and rogue interests.

Thomas o halloren shark mcgill city

'Shark City Rampage' action comic concept

Thomas o halloren vaporwavemcgill

Vaporwave McGill

Thomas o halloren mcgillvday

'Planet of Love' Valentine concept

Thomas o halloren mcgillonplanetx

'McGill on Planet X' Saturday morning 'toon concept

Thomas o halloren blood in the water shark mcgill by dogmeatlives d8h3f2y

'Blood in the Water' adult 'toon concept

Thomas o halloren sabo kano by dogmeatlives dahip2k

Introducing Sabo Kano

Thomas o halloren one shark army by dogmeatlives dbnzzkj

One Fish Army

Thomas o halloren how are you today

'How are you today?' Kawaii concept

Thomas o halloren the many outfits of shark mcgill by dogmeatlives dbzkbb4

'The Outfits of Shark McGill' 90's toyline concept

Thomas o halloren thresher vs tentacles by dogmeatlives d7kix8q

Thresher versus Tentacles

Thomas o halloren thomas o halloren shark from the atom by dogmeatlives d9d6bf3

'Shark From the Atom' classic raypunk concept