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Max Kart Double Death

A long-time fan of both franchises, I've had this concept in my head for awhile now to mash-up Mad Max and Mario Kart, and when the hype over Fury Road started heating up I decided to put it down on paper:

Max Kart Double Death will be released by Nintendo some day in some alternate universe. With more than a dozen playable characters, many iconic vehicles from the Mad Max film franchise, and a full arsenal of items signature to Max's world.

Feral Kid clutches his deadly boomerang, Aunt Entity sings in Star Power mode to turn temporarily invulnerable, and Captain Fifi Macaffee uses his amazing watering skills to grow fire flowers.

Pre-order now for Zelda DLC with playable Link and his Fancy Horse bike!

*Mad Max + kart racer = profit! What would you like to see in a Mad Max racer?

Tom hawk maxfinal