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Commission Work

Commissioned illustrations and character designs.

Thomas o halloren alisha bowers baking

Alisha Bowers Baking logo design, 2019

Thomas o halloren oz kano

Album Illustration & Alternative Illustration, 2019 inked & digitally colored

Thomas o halloren dndcommishes

D&D Character Designs

Thomas o halloren truquann

D&D character design, 2018

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"Tom's work is terrific! I commissioned him to make some promotional art for my new audio drama series, "The Cellar", and he gave me exactly what I asked for , and then some! I anticipate hiring him again for future projects." -Pete L, 2018

Thomas o halloren 21686380 10212379656319802 1616776238250284588 n

"Tom's style is playful and charming, yet rich and full of nuanced detail that gives it an unexpected life. I've commissioned almost a dozen pieces and I plan to request a lot more." -Wyatt M., 2017

Thomas o halloren communityservice

A mixtape cover, inspired by the Brady Bunch opening, featuring eight of the artists on the album. 7 hours, 2018

Thomas o halloren hype cover

Album cover artwork. 7 hours, 2018

Thomas o halloren duggan

Client wanted an illustration to highlight their company's flagship vehicle. 7 hours, 2018

Thomas o halloren buttznbonezsmall

The client wanted a fun and 'bad-ass' logo design for his BBQ business featuring a group of animal mascots. 4 hours, 2018

Thomas o halloren zombie work

Character designs for a zombie mad scientist and his assistant, for a short film project. 4 hours, 2014